2018 promises to be the best year ever for our hummingbird festival in Diamondhead, MS.  We will have 30 feeders out to attract the hummingbirds, so there will be plenty of places to go all around the property to see these amazing birds. You will be able to watch them at the feeders and at the variety of flowers we have to attract them, so bring your cameras and see what kinds of great photos you can capture.

          This will be a great event for families, children's groups, seniors and all ages. We have special activities for children as well as handicap parking right near the entrance for easy access. To make your arrival more pleasant, we will also have golf cart transportation for those who have to park a little distance from the entrance. There will be plenty of parking for everyone and guides will be on hand to help you with parking.

           It's not too early to add this event to your calendar! It is only a one-day event, on Saturday, September 15, 2018, from 8 AM to 5 PM, so go ahead and make plans to attend, and share the news with your friends. You might also want to keep up with on Facebook -- Diamondhead Hummingbird Festival. If you would like us to email a flyer to you, please contact us at diahummerfest@gmail.com, and we will send one to you right away!  Happy Birding!