Hummingbird Festival Helps Feed Children!

About Us

     The Hummingbird Festival  in Diamondhead, MS not only  provides family-friendly fun for those who are interested in and love hummingbirds, but also servesas a fundraising event for Master's Call Ministries International (MCMI). It began in 2012 at the home of Robert and Rhonda Vaughan. The Festival has grown and continues to grow each year with new vendors, a variety of speakers and presentations, visitors from around the South, and most importantly...hummingbirds! Each year, the hummingbirds come back with multiplied numbers!

     Featured at each event is James Bell, a certified bander from Carriere, Mississippi, who captures, weighs, measures, tags, and releases hummingbirds so they can be further studied and better understood. In 2017, James Bell was able to band 20 birds during the one-day event, and people flocked around to see the little guys up close and get a chance to even hold one!

Our Work

     As a hummingbird event, we work to educate our visitors about the habitat, migration patterns, feeding needs, and natural friends and enemies of these little birds. We also provide exciting experiences including: live music, food, door prizes, lots of vendors, and the ability to witness the banding of multiple birds and observe dozens of hummingbirds as they go about their business! With each banding, a participant is allowed to hold the subject bird briefly before it is given its freedom again, and those who don't actually hold a hummingbird are allowed to touch it to feel its heart beat. Also with vendors, many of whom have hummingbird-related products available for purchase, participants are able to find items to take home with them and share about their experiences with family and friends. Food vendors are also on site to help make the day both enjoyable and comfortable for all. 

     This annual event not only serves to provide family-friendly fun for all, it also serves to support vital programs for orphans and underprivileged children world-wide. The festival began in 2012 with the proceeds being used by Christian Aid For Children to purchase school lunches for children who cannot otherwise afford them, as well as helping with meals and clothes for needy families. This same effort is continued today by Master's Call Ministries International (MCMI), who also supports orphans in Sierra Leone, Africa and benevolence efforts in Israel.

     MCMI is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to continue the mission of Christ on this earth. We do this in 4 main ways: (1) Raising funds to help orphans and underprivileged children across the globe, (2) Working with local ministries to help with outreach events, (3) Empowering individuals in their walk with Christ through Biblical Counseling and discipleship, and (4) Equipping ministries around the globe to spread the good news about Jesus Christ. Central to all of these things is an emphasis on TRUTH. And for this reason, regardless of denominational lines drawn by man, we seek to help and work with ministries and individuals that are willing to put truth above tradition, faith above fear, and hearts that hunger for more of God above all.

Join Us

     Whether you are a life-long lover of hummingbirds or have never experienced one close up, we invite you to join us this year at our annual Hummingbird Festival on September 15, 2018, from 8 AM to 5 PM. We welcome new ideas, speakers, and vendors, and we value enthusiasm from volunteers and participants, new and old.